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MIUI 12.5 Features List - A Complete Features of MIUI 12.5

features of miui 12.5

After the successful release of MIUI 12, Xiaomi has also rolled out the new updated version of MIUI 12. Xiaomi has titled this update version name as ‘MIUI 12.5’. If you have already got the MIUI 12.5 updates on your Xiaomi smartphones, then you must know how MIUI 12.5 is better than MIUI 12. For this here we are with the new topic about the MIUI 12.5 Features.

As compared to the previous MIUI 12 update, we can find the many changes and improvements in this update. Yes, in this version of the update we can get the additional features of Android 11. The previous MIUI 12 was not totally based or made under Google's Android 11 update.

To provide more additional updates and features, Xiaomi has rolled out the MIUI 12.5 Updates for many of the devices running on MIUI 12.

To check either your device is eligible / got the new MIUI 12.5 update you can check our previous article. In that article, we have mentioned the list of Xiaomi phones that are eligible and going to get MIUI 12.5 Downloadable updates.

MIUI 12.5 Features List

At first, Xiaomi rolled this update on Mi 11. It is clear to see the bunch of new and powerful features on new updates as compared to the previous MIUI 12. Here are the complete features of MIUI 12.5.

1. Super Wallpaper (Snow Mountain)

2. Natural Sounds, Haptic

3. MIUI+

4. Privacy changes

5. New Notes App

6. Performance and Speed

7. System Optimization

1. New Super Wallpaper (Snow Mountain)

We have already got the Super Live Wallpaper in our MIUI 12 Update. In fact, that’s the cool live wallpaper that I got from Xiaomi. Back in MIUI 12, we have got the live super wallpaper of Earth and Mars.

For optimizing and giving decent looks to your Xiaomi devices, the company has added the new Snow Mountain Wallpaper in this MIUI 12.5 feature. The Qionglai Mountains chain shown on your wallpaper gives a decent impression to all the users.

The Mount Siguniang super wallpaper is one of the biggest MIUI 12.5 features that I got. It is one of the breathtaking live wallpaper contributed by Xiaomi for us.

miui 12.5 features
super mountain live wallpaper for miui 12.5

With the change in the wallpaper animation as per the system time you can get the status change in the mountain. Besides this, you can also find the Shipwreck Bay and Blade’s Edge Mountain super wallpaper to customize the impression of your Xiaomi phones.

2. Natural Sounds for Notifications

From MIUI 11, we have got better customization and outlet in sound settings. Now finally we have got the natural sounds from Xiaomi. Yes, the new MIUI 15.5 features include natural sounds from Animals.

As per our continent and habitats, we have got the top 4 sound types. Mainly we have got the Sound from South American Rainforest, East African Grassland, Arctic Circle, and Australia. From the worldwide expert engineer, Xiaomi has added the sounds of around 120 creatures.

Now we can get the better sound of creatures to make it as the sound of notification, call, and alarm. From this, we can get the sand, wood, water, etc. As the natural elements for making the system sound for phone calls. For the countdown of the clock time, we have got a new sound that makes the countdown more impressive and effective.

Coming to the Haptics, we have got the proper improvement on the Haptics part. For making a better sound impression and effectiveness we can find the redefined feedback vibrations options like Gestures, Tap, lock, etc.

3. MIUI+

Another most effective feature that I got on the new MIUI 12.5 Update is the MIUI+. MIUI+ is one of the mentionable features of MIUI 12.5 where the Xiaomi smartphone can be connected to Windows 10. it’s an integration between your MIUI 12.5 Xiaomi smartphones and Windows 10.

Using these additional features, you can view and read all notifications of your phones directly from the Windows 10 PC/ Laptop. From this feature, you can view the notifications, read messages, open the dialer, copy-paste, open the system, view files, and photos, etc. On your laptop and PC.

(Note: It’s one of the extra features from Xiaomi that I got on the China Version. You may not get these features on Global and another nation-specific version)

4. Privacy & Security Improvement

We can find the big privacy changes in the new MIUI 12.5 Update features. Xiaomi has added many security layers for giving more security to your data and properties. There are 4 different areas where Xiaomi has boarded privacy for the users.

Here we can see the 4 different areas - File Storage, Browser, Location, and Clipboard Protection. Personally, I agree with all the privacy policies and features added by Xiaomi. It’s an improved feature of previous MIUI 12 Updates.

Clipboard Protection

It is one of the new privacy features added on the MIUI 12.5 download. This feature notes the records of the logs and the history of all apps. After this, it lets you inform and identify the people who have overboard that copied content.

File Storage(Sandbox Mechanism)

To prevent proper security on your file storage, we have got another additional feature. Sandbox mechanism is the additional feature on the Xiaomi file storage. This feature creates a new spirit environment on your device to secure all the sensitivity files and information.

With this Sandbox Mechanism, we can get more secure in storing the files on the device. Yes, this feature saves sensitive information from leaking and also helps in separating the files as per nature for easy access.

Location (Fuzzy Fusion)

To maintain safety and accuracy, we have got this additional feature in MIUI 12.5 Updates. This feature helps you to disguise the current exact location up to a few meters away. It’s the PRO feature that I got from MIUI 12.5.

Using this feature, you can change your exact location for up to a few meters to improve the level of safety.


To stop the stealing data of your device, Xiaomi always recommends using the Xiaomi Browser. To stop getting access to your personal data, Xiaomi has added an inbuilt app on your Mi Browser. Using this, you can protect your Xiaomi devices from malicious files and auto-downloading harmful files.

6. The New Notes App

With the new Mi Notes App, you can get more features to make memos of your daily routine. Yes, the New MIUI Notes comes with super features for making your daily activities more easily. Now the users can add quick mind notes, Add chronology of notes called Generate Brain Maps, and many more.

As further we can be more creative with the newly revealed Notes. Here we can find the Four different drawing tools for recreating the real strokes, create a mind map with a single tap, easy on controlling with fingertips, and quick access for voice notes.

7. Improvement in Performance, Speed & Design

As we all know, the first and most priority on every update is not other than the optimization of system performance. Here also Xiaomi has optimized this MIUI 12.5 for your devices. Xiaomi has claimed this UI is fully optimized and lighter for a better experience.

We can feel the lighter, faster, and fast scrolling in the proper use of this new UI on Xiaomi phones. While in terms of speed we have got super faster experience. As compared to the MIUI 12 Update, this new MIUI 12.5 update is lighter and performs better.

Also, the UI looks better and impressive than the MIUI 12. Personally; I got this UI better in terms of design and UI Appearance.

System Optimization

In terms of system optimization, we can find a lot of mentionable points. Yes, it’s possible to get lightweight performance on your device with the new MIUI 12.5 update. Here we can find the better optimization of the device.

This MIUI 12.5 makes the CPU usage less to free up your CPU for boosting your system performance. Besides this, we have got a better saving on battery. Because of its proper optimization and less usage of CPU automatically improved the battery life.

features of miui 12.5

Xiaomi has claimed this update can reduce CPU usage by 20%. Yes, reducing the CPU usage by 20% is one of the most effective features that we all need for a faster experience. When we check the CPU usage on system apps, then it consumes 22% less than the MIUI 12.

With the power then we can find it consumes 15% less power that helps in saving the life of your battery than normal.  

Final Words

Besides this, we can find other improvements and changes in the new MIUI 12.5 features. Here we have tried to mention the long and details on each major feature of MIUI 12.5.

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