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Redmi 6A MIUI 12 Update, Features and Download


redmi 6a miui 12 update date
Redmi 6A MIUI 12 Download and Update

As per Androidcentral, the Redmi 6a is also on the list of MIUI 12 update. With this reference, we have created this post where we are going to mention all the choirs and updates related to Redmi 6A. Okay, let’s concentrated on the Xiaomi Redmi 6A MIUI 12 Update.

Many blogs mentioned the Redmi 6A will get or not get the MIUI 12 updates. It seems a lot of confusion and information regarding the MIUI 12 Redmi 6A. So, to make clear on all of it’s we are going to mention every point related to Redmi 6A MIUI 12 update date, features, and steps to download & install the update.

Redmi 6A MIUI 12 Update, Features and Download

Redmi 6A is one of the budget segment smartphones. As being the direct Redmi Number series smartphones we can’t find the high-level features on this smartphone. Not only Redmi 6 but all the smartphones from Redmi Series (not Redmi Note Series) seems cheaper and low in quality.

This smartphone just comes with 3GB RAM and has shared internal storage of 64GB. In terms of chipset, we got the use of that is capable of the normal gaming experience.

In terms of OS, we have got this smartphone with the Android 8 on the top. With time this phone is able to get Android 9 updates. Now it’s time to get the MIUI 12 update based on Android 10.

Also, you need to keep in that you can get the MIUI 12 based on the Android 10 version. I think it’s the final and last updates regarding the upgrade meant of the phones from both MIUI new updates and Android new updates.

MIUI 12 Redmi 6a - How to Download?

Making the list of android central post as the source we are talking about the update of miui 12 for redmi 6a. As with other Redmi, Mi and Poco smartphones from Xiaomi this smartphone also be updated with the same method.

redmi 6a miui 12 update
Redmi 6a MIUI 12 Update Download

With the device model and OS version running on the steps may be up and down. Don’t worry see these steps for redmi 6a miui 12 update.

  • Open the Settings of your Redmi 6A and go for it.
  • From the Settings, you have to choose and open the About Device option.
  • From About Device tap on System Update. This will open the system updater in your 6A model.
  • Now you can see the update here. If not tap on “Check for updates”.
  • Hurrah! You got the MIUI 12 (maybe/ if provided by Xiaomi).
  • Tap on “Download Update” and wait until completion.
  • Tap on the install & reboot option.

The OTA method is one of the easy, simple, effective, fast and zero risk method for a system update. Using this method you can get the miui 12 for redmi 6a.

Alternative Method,

As with other smartphones and models from Xiaomi here also we can get the custom update method. This method is based on another chain. Check these steps to download miui 12 redmi 6a.

Download the MIUI 12 update package as per your variant (Global, India, etc.). Save it into your phone’s storage (either SD card or internal).

  • Go to the System Updater by following the 1st method.
  • Tap on an option from the system updater and open the “Install Update Package” option.
  • Locate the downloaded ROM and select it, install it.
  • Wait for some time, your device will reboot and starts installing.
  • Finally Done.

Using the custom method is another safe but quite hard method for some users. The key reason to use this method to download miui 12 redmi 6a is to get the update package if not possible from the 1st method.

Final Words

MIUI 12 is one of the most awaited updates for almost all Xiaomi devices. With the roll-out of the MIUI 12 update, almost all Xiaomi users are horrified to know the updates on their smartphones.

Here we have discussed all the points and updates regarding the Redmi 6A MIUI 12. We hope you will get the MIUI 12 Update. 

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