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Redmi 7 MIUI 12 Update Going to Roll out Globally

miui 12 for redmi 7
MIUI 12 for Redmi 7

Xiaomi had already surprised by rolling out the MIUI 12 for Redmi 7. Although officially the Redmi 7 was not on the list of the phone getting the MIUI 12. But regarding this many blogs and site had mentioned the device also on the list eligible list. Finally, Xiaomi has rolled out an update for its China Variant. After the rollout of MIUI 12 in China, the global fans are still waiting for its update. To know all about the
Redmi 7 MIUI 12 in global including all ROM based on its details then you need to go for this article.

We have already mentioned the phone got an update in China-based ROM. Xiaomi has rolled out Redmi 7 MIUI 12 Update in china in the January of 021. This update was based on Android 10 with the MIUI QFLCNXM.

Redmi 7 MIUI 12 Global Release Date and Features

Redmi 7 is one of the affordable and budget-friendly phones from Xiaomi that comes under the 10000 INR. The phone was packed with 3G RAM and has the 32GB ROM on the primary variant.

On the top, the phone was packed with the Android 9 based on MIUI 11. Right now the phone is running on the MIUI 12 based on the Android 10 by Google. Here we can find some decent changes and improvements too.

When Redmi 7 MIUI 12 Update Rolls in Global and India?

In the January of 2021, Xiaomi has rolled this update officially on its China-based ROM. Although it’s been more than 2 months the Global or Even India ROM phones are not getting miui 12 for redmi 7.

We can expect the phone is getting an update of MIUI 12 within this April. It’s not sure but we have got many times Xiaomi is providing late updates to the other ROM based after rolling out in China.

Features to Expect on MIUI 12 for Redmi 7

Do you know, to get the full and complete features package on older phones or in-budget phones is impossible. Yes, we have already missed plenty of MIUI 12 features from the budget and older phones like the Redmi 8A Dual.

Although the phone got the MIUI 12 we have missed the cool features like live Super Earth Wallpaper and many more. Here also, we have to miss the many features. Improvements in security, optimized 2.0 dark mode, system optimization, and new User interface are the major changes on Redmi 7 MIUI 12 Update.

How to get MIUI 12 for Redmi 7?

To this date, we are not getting the Redmi 7 MIUI 12 update. So, if you want to get an update instantly after rolling updates on Global and other country-based ROM then you have to turn on an option called Receive updates early.

After enabling this feature you’re going to get redmi 7 miui 12 updates at first. To enable this you have to go to the About Phone, open the System updater and then tap on three dots (Option) then enable the option Receive updates early.

Download Redmi 7 MIUI 12 Update Package

Model: Xiaomi Redmi 7

Current Version: MIUI QFLMIXM ( may be differ after . (dots))

Newer Version: MIUI QFLCNXM

Code: onclite

Updated ROM: China Only (till now)

Android Version: Android 10

Package Size (MIUI 12): 485MB (Maybe around the same for Global)

Security Patch: 021-01-01 (on China, maybe newer in Global)

Download Links: OTA  ROM| Recovery ROM

How to Install Redmi 7 MIUI 12 Update?

Updating your Redmi 7 is not a difficult task. Although it’s enough easy and interesting in updating the ROM of the phone many of the users can’t get an update on time after rolling out an update. For this, we have the option of going to the next method.

redmi 7 miui 12
Redmi 7 got MIUI Update in China

After downloading the Redmi 7 MIUI 12 OTA ROM as per the Region like India, Global, etc. You have to follow these steps.

  • Open the System Updater and tap on Choose an update package from the option.
  • Locate the OTA file downloaded by you and then select.
  • Follow all the steps and wait until the device gets turned on.
  • Finally Done.

This method of updating is called the Recovery method. In these steps, you need to just flash the OTA ROM as per your device. If your device is running on the India ROM then you have to download Redmi 7 MIUI 12 India OTA Package.

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