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How to Delete other Files in MIUI 12? Check this Steps

other storage in miui

After the MIUI 12 on the Xiaomi smartphones, we are facing some bugs that definitely effecting the real-time performance of our devices. You have noticed that the many low-budget Xiaomi Redmi phones having 32GB ROM are facing the biggest problem of storage and space. Well, these days the 32GB internal storage is the neck tight option for us but here we are Dual problems related to the storage. So, this is the post where we are with the tutorial on How to delete other files in MIUI 12 Devices.

If you are running on the MIUI 12 or MIUI 12.5 updates, then the biggest problem is the storage. When we move towards the Storage panel from the Storage option of the device, then we can notice the “Others” option that may consume plenty of space.

Sadly, as with the previous MIUI 11, we don’t have an option to delete or clear all cached data. For this reason, I have noticed many of the storage like 5GB, 10GB, etc. Are being consumed by these files on your Xiaomi devices.

Because of this, the main MIUI 12 storage problem becomes serious to perform the devices. Don’t worry here we have carried out the simple solution and tips on How to clear other files in MIUI 12.

MIUI 12 Other Storage, How it Consumes

To delete other files in MIUI 12 is being a hard task for many users because of the lack of proper steps on it. So, before going to the tutorial I want to explain some reasons and what other storage actually means.

In today’s date, we can find a lot of files over the internet. Because of these large formats and types of files, it’s a challenging task to process the many files. Also, the importance of all files may not be the same.

If you notice the “Storage space” of your phone then you can find a lot of data based on its nature like Apps and data, Images, Audio, Video, Documents, and systems.

Here you need to clear that other files are those files that can’t be readable by the system apps of the smartphones. Mainly, on other files, we got the like .exe files, some computer files, unnecessary cached data, etc.

So, these types of files are treated as other files. In simple, those file formats that are not included on apps, data, images, etc. are called other files. For this, we have to find out the tutorial on How to clear other files in MIUI 12.

How to Clear other Files in MIUI 12 & MIUI 12.5

To get free from the MIUI 12 Storage Problem we have to follow out the simple steps. Check these steps to delete other files in MI storage.

  • Download the Disk Usage and Device Analyzer app from the Google Play store and install it.
  • Open the app and Go to the DEVICE’S STORAGES Panel and clean the App. Cache.
delete other files in miui 13

  • Go to the DRIVE USAGE to find out the consumption records by all major folders in your Xiaomi Device.
clear other files in miui 12

  • To delete useless and other files in MIUI 12, go to the DIRECTORY FILES.
  • Mark and Delete unused and useless files and folders from Directory Files.
delete other files in redmi

  • Keep on deleting other useless files from the Directory Files.
  • Finally Done.

So, this is the simple process to fix MIUI 12 storage problem in your Xiaomi devices. This simple tutorial can fix MIUI 12 other storage problems.

Note: While deleting the files you have to make sure that you are not deleting some folders that contain your images, videos, music, documents like DCIM, Download, Android, MIUI, Pictures, etc.


Is it safe to delete other files?

Definitely, deleting other files is 100% safe. By deleting such other files from your Xiaomi phones you can get worry-free space with better real-time performance.

Can we delete other files in MIUI 12 Poco Phones?

All the phones running on the MIUI 12 and MIUI 12.5 include this solution. So, to clear other files in MIUI 12 you have to follow the simple steps. 

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  1. Still nothing happens . . The app shows 20gb consumption in total which is basically just my apps as is . . The 30gb other files is not in there no matter how much i search . I did format my phone last month because of the same issue i also did everything little things you say and the other websites yet still leave me hanging . Hating this stuff now hope it will be resolve i dont want to format my phone again pls . .

    1. Although it's late I got your reply that you are still unable to fix this issue. Guys it's one of the working step that works also for you. So please I recommend you again to go through the article and make sure.

    2. Yes its true its showing that 19 gb in other storage but in that app showing just 438 mb even that I can't delete after scanning so please help in this problem

  2. It's not working. I followed step by step still my others file is the same as before.

  3. In the storage statistics i see "other" files about 10GB.
    When i use disk usage the Miui folder is about 1Mb, so is there another way to get rid of the "Other" files ?

  4. It's an useless article. That app isn't able to do what we want.

  5. I use this app but only showing 11 gb unacceptable files but when i delete this folder do nothing ...not useful this app dor same storege showing