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Difference Between MI and Redmi; Comparison in Every Points

difference between mi and redmi
mi and redmi difference

We are in the year's technology 2021, still; we are getting confused with some minor factors. Among them, the difference between mi and redmi is one of them. In fact, even I used to be confused in the initial days whether the Mi and Redmi are the same. Well, what were you thinking about it?

Mi and Redmi Difference is still a confusing discussion. Many of us used to say it as Redmi and MI are the same. In another hand, some users and people tell it differently.

Okay, rather than giving the tabulated and classified difference I want to clear out some points that clear the redmi and mi difference. Let’s check out some notable points.

Difference Between MI and Redmi

Before giving some difference between mi and redmi let me explain its origin. As we all know, both the Redmi and Mi are well known and popular smartphones in the market.

If you are from South Asia, then definitely you may know the craze. Here the key point that you need to keep in mind is that Mi and Redmi are from Xiaomi.

Xiaomi handles all its operations of it. Not only MI and Redmi other brands like Poco and Blueshark are also under Xiaomi. It means Xiaomi is the king and father of all above.

Here we have made some points to clear the mi and redmi difference.

It’s Brand

The first point that you need to know while finding the answer to the difference between mi and redmi is its brand and ownership. You may know that in recent times we all used to say the Redmi phones also as MI phone.

Do you know the real reason behind it? Let me tell you. This story was true before Redmi turns into a sub-brand. Only of the users may know that the Redmi used to be just like a series like Reno by Oppo and Narzo by Realme.

So, it’s clear Mi is the brand by Xiaomi. We knew Xiaomi as Mi in short. So, MI is a complete brand where Redmi is the sub-brand by Xiaomi.

 Price Level

In smartphones, the price of redmi mobile is cheaper as compared to the MI phones. It’s true that they also called the Mi phones the flagship phones of Xiaomi.

With the respect to the price, the MI phones are expensive. When we talk about Nepal, then the price of MI phones is around 1 Lakh. Luckily, the MI A3 still available in Nepal that runs on Android One comes at a cheaper rate i.e., Rs 24,000.

In another hand, the Redmi phones are cheaper. The major reason to grab the market is no other than its price. So, in the calculation, the price of MI phones is higher and Redmi phones are cheaper.


Let’s again talk about smartphones. In the above, we cleared the price of Redmi smartphones are cheaper. Although the price is reasonable and cheaper, we are getting enough outstanding features.

While it comes to comparison, then the Mi phones are like the Sky, and the Redmi phones are like the Land. I mean, the quality and features of Redmi phones are not better than the MI phones.

MI phones are the flagship phones so we get the better features. You may don’t know the MI phones beat the Samsung Galaxy’s Note and S series in many features.

OS and Software

Here I want to present some information regarding its OS and software rather than the difference. As we all know from the initial days the Xiaomi smartphones come with their own custom skin, it’s MIUI.

In fact, MIUI is one of the most loved UI or custom skin in the android world. Anyway, the OS or software part of all Xiaomi phones but not only Mi and Redmi also Poco and Blueshark come with this.

Users and Market Share

Redmi is just a sub-brand of Xiaomi. So, redmi doesn’t involve in providing other products rather than smartphones. This is the reason smartphones production and its market share is higher.

Over the 10 Xiaomi phones the 6 Redmi, 3 Poco, and 1 we can purchase Mi phones when we calculate the data. So, it’s clear that the users and market share of Redmi is higher than Poco, Mi and Blueshark phones.

Production & Eco System

Although Xiaomi is Mi and Mi Xiaomi, we are on the difference between mi and redmi. So, let me explain that the Mi is not just a brand, but it’s an ecosystem.

Yes, Mi becomes an ecosystem in the electronics and gadgets world. The workspace of Mi is not limited just to smartphones but also to other products.

difference between redmi and mi
Xiaomi as eco-system

Just read the above topic “Users and Market Share”. Here we have mentioned clearly. Redmi and Poco are sub-brand and made just to handle the smartphones business. Also, to compete with other smartphones brands like Oppo.

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Extra Points to Keep in Mind

  • Narzo is one of the series of Realme and Realme is the sub-brand of Oppo.
  • Xiaomi introduces Poco as a sub-brand to beat Oppo and Oppo introduces the Realme to beat Xiaomi.
  • Xiaomi Mi is just like a series and brand where Redmi is the real sub-brand of Xiaomi.
  • Redmi used to be a series of Xiaomi. Xiaomi removes the Xiaomi “MI” Logo from Redmi phones after it becomes an independent sub-brand.
  • All the phones of Xiaomi run on MIUI custom Skin based on Google’s Android except Xiaomi MI A Series like MI A3 phone.
  • To handle and compete with other smartphones brand is the key reason to make Redmi a sub-brand.
  • Xiaomi is MI and MI is Xiaomi (Mi is the short and logo name of Xiaomi).
  • MI is an ecosystem. Redmi is just for smartphones.



After research and deep thinking on the mi and redmi difference, we have classified it on different points. We have clarified that MI is a complete brand whereas Redmi is a sub-brand.

The primary reason to push Redmi as a sub-brand is to handle the smartphones business. While mi is not just smartphones but it’s an ecosystem in the Gadgets world.

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