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Khatrimaza full site review

Khatrimaza cool is one of the top movie pirating sites in the world. This site uploads the number of movies in a single day and shares the link with the users. With this, o khatrimaza had caused millions of loss to the film industry.

Movie downloading sites are the most visiting sites in the world these days. Like the craze to porn sites, craze, users and visitors of such sites are higher than expected.

We found more than 20M searches about such as moviescoutner, tamilrockers, sfilmywap, including kahtraimaza1 from our nation India. It’s one of the highest searches that we can found on keywords research tools like keyword planner.

It’s one of the illegal movies downloading sites. This site uploads the movies with the first release it. We have got this site that has already pirated thousands of movies. From the initial days of service, this site is contributing to the illegal task and destroying the film industry.

Khatrimaza Cool 2021 - Download Movies, Reviews, and Links

The maza movie (khatrimaza) becomes like a brand these days. For a few years, the search query of this site is higher than expected. You may don’t know, this site is one of the best sites for downloading Indian movies.

Although we can find the number of clone sites of it, it’s still confusing to decide which one is originally khatrimazafull.

Probably, you may think that “Khatri” & “Maza”, Khatri is a cast of people from Nepal who falls into the Kshatriya category. Also, in some countries like Pakistan, we found the people cast as Khatri and the word Maza means Entertainment. Is that true? Well, it’s just out of topic, anyway. What you think about the meaning and objectives of the name Khatrimaza?

History of Khatrimaza

It’s been around 7-8 years, some admin and people registered the domain and start the piracy work. From the initial days, the team of khatrimaza involve in piracy activity.

As we all know, movie downloading sites get millions of traffic in months. Because of this massive success ratio in such pirating activities, the team of khatrimaza movies upgrade this profession up to the top level.

Although the site was active from 7 years before the search result and traffic was magnifying 100x times after the year 2018. In the year 2018, the site has made the highest search choirs. Also, the report for 2020 and 2021 was the same.

Here we have classified the search reports and statistics as per the year.

Khatrimaza 2018

TheKhatrimaza received the highest number of traffic in the year 2018. This year Khatrimaza .com site has received over 100 million traffic.

Overall, the search volume of the primary keyword “Khatrimaza” was around 5 million per month. Besides this, the secondary keyword like “Okhatrimaza”, “Khatrimazafull”, etc. Had also around 2Millions monthly searches. At all, if we calculate the all secondary and LSI keywords of this primary keyword then it was more than 200M in 2018.

Khatrimaza 2018 has released several movies from the different film industry. Among them, such sites including Khatrimaza1 badly affected India’s King industry Bollywood and India’s Mega Industry (South) movies.

Khatrimaza 2019

The year 2019 was also the same. Although the government has implemented strict rules against such piracy at the site, it's not affected.

Rather than this, the site was still in its operation. As like previous Khatrimaza 2018 this year too the site had caused loss to many filmmakers.

Mainly the producers and rising producers are affected by these unlawful activities. Even we are promoting such sites.

This is the reason the top movies of the year like Kabir Singh, Kesari, Sye Raa Narasimha, VVR, KODARAN KODAM, iSmart Shankar, etc. comes on the pirated movies list.

Khatrimaza 2020

The year 2020 (00) was the worst year for the whole film industry. Pandemic affected the whole filmmakers, actors, producers and stakeholders of movies.

For this reason, the theatre has been closed, and they postponed most of the movies. Although some filmmakers release their movies on different OTT Platforms like Zee5, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, etc. The movie could not collect the budget of the movie.

The primary reason behind this is piracy. Sad but true, they had pirated these movies by an unknown torrent and by the admin of such sites.

The movies like Dil Bichara, LAXMI, etc were released on the OTT Platform. These movies were pirated and not able to work on the success.

Khatrimaza 2021

The opening of the year 2021 is also the same as Khatrimaza 2020. in this year too they did not release the movies on theatre. As per information, I release only a few movies that can be calculated in the hand.

The Bollywood movie industry was in a zero (0) state. This year was also kept on wasting without releasing the movies. We had already missed the theatre and entertainment by watching the new movies.

In this year the Television market seems higher. We have got a lot of south movies to watch in Hindi dubbed.

Yes, the positive part is that we still have time to watch new South movies in Hindi dubbed. Sadly, the status was changed. With an initial premiere of movies on TV channel, the movies come out on the internet free of cost. Definitely, this affects income collection to the satellite right holders.

With the between of such situation, the Legend Star Salman Khan released his movie “Radhe” on OTT Platform. Well, the movie commercial collection is excellent. Let’s hope not to piracy this movie.

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Khatrimaza Movies Menu

They fully optimized the Khatrimazafullorg site for its movies. We can find thousands of movies, web series and tv serial to download for free. The indexing method used on this site is good.

We can find the desired movies with a single search. Besides the home page includes the different movies categories by language, quality, film industry, etc.

khatrimaza website

After that, we can find the list/ rid link of the latest uploaded movies. Check the movies category from Khatrimaza cool.


  • 300Mb Movies
  • 720p HEVC Movies
  • DVDScreen
  • Bollywood Movies
  • Bollywood 720p Movies
  • South Hindi Movies
  • WWE TVDual Audio
  • English TV Shows
  • Hollywood 720pHindi Dubbed
  • Hindi TV Shows
  • Hollywood Movies
  • Marathi Movies
  • Mobile Movies
  • Dual Audio 720p Movies
  • Multi Audio
  • Pakistani Movies
  • Pakistani TV Shows
  • Mv Other
  • Punjabi Movies
  • Single Video Songs
  • Tamil Movies
  • Telugu Movies
  • Trailers
  • Uncategorized

Revenue Source of Khatrimazafull

Khatrimaza site uploads the movies and web series on different online drives and clouds. After uploading this movie to the cloud, they share the link on their website.

When we visit this website, then we can find a lot of pop-up/ pop-under ads. In fact, such ads are very irritating and disgusting. Although such ads are irritating for us, it’s the primary income source of this site.

After that, we have got Khatrimaza movies to earn money from the online drives. Nowadays, some online drives/ cloud-like clicknupload offers the users to upload unlimited files for free. Also, they pay up to $50 for 1 tier, it’s per 10K visits/ downloads for that cloud.

khatrimaza website
Khatrimaza website

Nowadays, the 3rd method is also in practice. Such movies downloading site are earning from Google AdSense too. If you are a blogger, then you may not agree with this point that google approves such sites for AdSense.

In fact, they are making MAMU (fool) to Google. When we click on the download links from their site then they redirect us to another site where they add the time link on their AdSense approved site.

With these 3 methods, they are earning lakhs of income. Film piracy is becoming the most popular illegal business these days. Through this, they are making good money. Sadly, the filmmakers are being affected by this practice badly.

Impact on Film Industry and Makers

Uploading the copyright contents taking no authority is an illegal task. As we all know, many of such sites used to upload the movies in different free online cloud link clicknupload, bdupload, uptomega, etc.

After uploading the movies, they share the link to that cloud from where we can get access to the movies. In fact, to upload, share such things are illegal. This process is causing the loss to the filmmakers.

khatrimaza cool

In terms of India, millions of rupees are being destroyed because of such a policy. It means the film industry is bearing the loss because of such movie uploading sites.

Regarding this, there are different agencies including the government, but they seem unable to stop piracy.

Government Roles Against Movie Piracy

To stop piracy including illegal movie uploading sites like Khatrimaza full Government seems backwards. Although the government is trying to end this practice to contribute to the filmmakers, they are still on the investigation.

Although the government blocked the many IPs and Domain name of such sites, they are reproducing such sites with another domain name to exist.

Personal Request

Movies are the primary source of digital entertainment these days. We all used to watch movies and shows. Mainly, the demand for new movies for us is always at the top. Because of this, we all are in thirst to watch the new movies even in free.

With this concept and aim of saving the same rupees, we are shifting the whole film industry to the backward/ downward. In fact, indirectly we are supporting the poor parties by killing the creator for saving some rupees and time.

But we don’t need to forget that if we support such sites by visiting, then may lead to the death of the creator that results from the existence and production of new movies. So, skip this post and forget about Khatrimaza cool.


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