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Xiaomi Poco X3 is also Going to Receive MIUI 13 Updates

miui 13 poco x3 nfc
Xiaomi poco x3 NFC is on the list of miui 13 updates

Xiaomi is going to roll out the new updates for their devices. We are going to get the latest MIUI 13 updates on many devices. Among the number of devices, we are also going to get an update on the successful phone of 2020, it's Poco X3. we are definitely going to see the Poco X3 MIUI 13 Update.

As per the source, Xiaomi has already listed the Poco X3 for MIUI 13. So, it’s time to keep on waiting to get this update on this phone. In fact, I think all the Poco X3 users must be happy because they are getting new updates based on Android 12. Maybe the Android 12 late but it will receive this update too.

Yes, the MIUI 13 update for Poco X3 will be based on Android 12. Here you need to keep in mind that all the deviceseligible for MIUI 13updates will not get this update based on the upcoming Android 12.

Older phones and cheaper phones like Poco C2Poco C3 may not get the MIUI 13 update based on Android 12. Probably, they can get MIUI 13 based on Android 11. The Redmi 8A Dual is a good example, this phone got MIUI based on Android 10 but not Android 11.

Poco X3 MIUI 13 Updates, Features, and Release

After getting the successful update of MIUI 12 and MIUI 12.5 updates in Poco X3 and other all eligible devices Xiaomi is near to provide and roll out the MIUI 13.

Poco X3 device is one of the budget-friendly smartphones from Xiaomi. Overall the phone was good. In this phone, we have got the complete and outstanding features when we compared it to the price.

Talking about its Status then it’s was released on 29th September 2020, and still, have good faith in the market. As more, we have got the Qualcomm Snapdragon 732G Gaming Chipset based on the 8nm which is optimized for gaming.

On the top, we have got the Android 10 based on MIUI 12. With time we have got the MIUI 12 and 12.5 Updates on it. Now, we are ready to get one new update its MIUI 13.

MIUI 13 Features

Xiaomi has already impressed and satisfied almost all the users by rolling out such big updates in MIUI 12.5. Sadly, if your phone still not getting the MIUI 12.5 update, then you have to make sure that your phone will not get this update.

On MIUI 13 we are going to receive the many features that going to boost real-time performance. Yes, from the original sources we have got some information about the features of MIUI 13 that makes you proud for choosing the Xiaomi.

· New User Interface based on Latest Android

· Optimized Animations and Super Live Wallpaper

· Instant Image and Video Filtration

· Improved Touch Sensitivity and Gestures

· Better Battery Optimization

· Fight Mode Schedule

· Super Ultra Mode for Longer Standby

· Based on Android 12 Update

· Latest Security Patch with Strong Security

Poco X3 MIUI 13 Release Date

Xiaomi is working on the new update project. Here Xiaomi is planning to roll out the bugs free updates for the MIUI users. Because of this, we have seen that Xiaomi is taking the surveys to get feedback for minimizing the bugs and errors after the hands-hands update.

Majority of the new and flagship devices including Poco X3 phones going to get the MIUI 13 updates by 25 June 2021. From June 2021 they aimed Xiaomi at rolling the updates in the Stable beta version.

At first, we are going to see this MIUI 13 for Poco X3 in the China ROM. After a few days/ weeks of China roll out we can get these updates Globally including all the Country based ROM like India, Russia, Indonesia, etc.

How to get Poco X3 MIUI 13 Update?

We are still far from the MIUI 13 update. Till now we are not getting any updates on any phones regarding this MIUI 13. So, if you want to get this update at first on your phone than other Poco X3 users then you need to follow these steps.

If you want to get the MIUI 13 for Poco X3 at first then you have to enable the single Settings option on your phone. Just go to the System Updater and find the Settings of System Updater then enable Receive updates early.

System Updater>Option>Settings>Others>Receive updates early

Poco X3 MIUI 13 Download Link

Model: Xiaomi Poco X3 Power

MIUI Running: MIUI 12.5

Android Version Running: Android 11

MIUI Upcoming: MIUI 13

Android Version Upcoming: Android 12

Download LinksOTA ROMRecovery ROM

We will update all the download links and details suddenly after any updates from Xiaomi and MIUI team.  For that just subscribe to our push notification and bookmark our URL.

How to Install Update by Recovery Method

Updating any phones from the System Updater is a straightforward task. There is no issue with updating the Xiaomi phones or any phones using the System Updater. But many of our friends can’t get an update on time.

I have faced many times, also even my some friends can’t get an update on time because of various reason. Where other users having the same model got an update but we may not get that update on time. In this time I used to recommend my friends or even me to update the phones from Recovery Method.

Can’t understand? Check this,

· Download the OTA ROM from the link given above and save it on your Phone storage.

· Go to the System Updater>Option and tap on Choose update package.

· Locate the zip files downloaded by you and tap on Install.

· Wait for a time and not use it until it gets turned on as a Normal phone.

· Finally Done.

The recovery method is one of the best alternative methods to updating your phone. Making your phone with this method is 100% safe but quite a risk for fresh users. Don’t worry it’s simple and interesting.

Note: Make sure you have downloaded the correct ROM as per your phone’s ROM. For example, if your phone is Poco X3 NFC India then make sure you have to download and going to install the update from the Redmi Note 9 India Package but not from China or Global ROM.

Also, follow the correct steps while updating your phone with this method. In another hand, you can apply this update from the direct recovery mode, turning your phone to the recovery method by shutting down it. For easy, we have explained this method.

Final Words

We are thrilled to announce and provide the latest updates based on the Poco X3 MIUI 13 Updates. They collect most of the information mentioned on this blog from different and experimental sources.

After going to this topic we hope you can now get the latest MIUI 13 update for the Poco X3 device.

Disclaimer: We won’t earn or upload any ROM files. All the ROM we mention here downloading links are from the official sources. 

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