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Poco Vs OPPO Which is Better; Comparison and Analysis

poco vs oppo which is better

Nowadays many new smartphone users used to get confused about Poco and Oppo smartphones. No doubt, in verbal expression we may hear the same or pronounce somehow the same for both Poco and Oppo. Because of this many people get in confusion about Either / Is Poco the same as Oppo or anything else. So, here we are with you to discuss whether Poco and Oppo are the Same company. Poco Vs OPPO Which is Better and many more in detail.

In the crowd of smartphones brands, we may hear more about some top brands like Xiaomi, Redmi, Vivo, Samsung, Realme, including Poco and OPPO. So, we found that many people get confused is Poco and OPPO are the same. Don't worry here we are with you.

In fact, POCO and OPPO are not the same. Both are different brands. When we talk about Poco then it's a sub-brand of parent Company Xiaomi. It means it's a sub-brand marketed by Xiaomi. In another hand, OPPO is a complete brand. As Poco it's not just a sub-brand but it's a complete smartphone brand.

Poco Vs OPPO Which is Better; Comparison and Analysis

Before pointing out the possible comparison on Oppo and Poco Difference here I want to mention the short story behind these brands. After getting a lot of success by selling the Redmi phones the Xiaomi decided to turn the Redmi Series into a sub-brand.

The main reason to turn on Redmi from Series to Sub-brand is to grab out a consumer in a global way. Finally, Xiaomi turns the Redmi into a sub-brand and gets a huge success, after some years the Redmi becomes an independent sub-brand. It means, In today's date Redmi is not just a sub-brand but it's a completely independent brand like Xiaomi. 

Ok, coming to Poco. After getting success in Redmi, Xiaomi decided to introduce the new sub-brand to cut out the market share of the Poco Brand. Yes, the main reason to introduce Poco is to cut down the market of OPPO phones

In another hand, OPPO also decides to cut down and grab the market share of Redmi phones. For that OPPO introduce Realme as a sub-brand. Overall, the main reason to introduce a new sub-brand by Both parent companies Xiaomi and OPPO is to cut down the market share.

Comparison of Smartphones Features

The 1st point to consider while Poco Vs OPPO is its features. Yes, in terms of features we may get some hints to decide to either go for POCO OR OPPO Smartphones. When we talk about POCO smartphones then it's one of the mid-range or budget segments. Basically, POCO Used to launch the mid-range budget smartphones in the market. 

In terms of India, the average highest price range is around Rs 30,000. It means the POCO Phones are budget-friendly. Like Brother Redmi, Poco is also ahead in providing high-quality features at a low cost. Yes, we can find out such top-level flagship features at a lower price.

Talking to OPPO.

It's a parent brand. OPPO is a well-known smartphone brand for better selife phones. When we talk about its smartphones features then we can find its smartphones of all ranges. The company used to launch the phones in every price range. We can find the smartphones from Top competitive flagship-level to lower budget level too. 

Overall, POCO Provides better features smartphones at a cheaper price than OPPO. OPPO smartphones prices are higher in terms of the same level of features as compared to POCO smartphones. So, if you are in search of budget-friendly smartphones with higher features then POCO is the best brand for you.

Comparison of Price and Market Share

Coming to the market share, OPPO holds the supreme position then POCO. This is because OPPO stands itself as a parent brand but POCO is a sub-brand. So, the global market share of OPPO smartphones is higher than POCO. 

Although OPPO has a higher market share in a single way than POCO, Xiaomi holds the topmost position in market share globally that includes Redmi and Poco inside. Anyway, coming to the price of smartphones. 

Both brands provide smartphones from a lower budget for the basic consumers. When it comes to comparison then we can find the POCO smartphones price are reasonable than OPPO. But it doesn't mean that OPPO phones are expensive.

Comaprison on OS and UI

Both brands use the custom UI on their smartphones. Yes, when we talk about OPPO then it uses Color OS and MIUI by POCO. Here both Custom UI are well known and loved in terms of features and customization.

ColorOS is an official custom UI found only on OPPO and some Realme phones. ColorOS reach in terms of providing a better user experience with a lot of customization features and tools. While MIUI is used by POCO. In fact, MIUI is not an official UI of POCO, It's a UI of Xiaomi.

Still, POCO is using the MIUI as the default custom UI for their smartphones. This UI is packed with a lot of themes, app icons, bloatware, and other features. No doubt, MIUI is the best UI than Color OS. But a lot of bloatware may be some compromising points for many users.

In terms of software updates, we can find the OPPO is ahead of POCO. Yes, As compared to POCO, OPPO phones are ahead in providing the regular security patch and software updates. So, if you want better security with a regular update then OPPO is best as compared to POCO.

Frequently Asked Questions

Poco and Oppo are Same Company

Poco is a sub-brand of Xiaomi corporation while Oppo is an independent brand. Poco uses the proprietary rights of Xiaomi but as being Independent OPPO is free on rights. So, Poco and Oppo are not the same company.

Is Poco is better than Oppo

Poco smartphones are cheaper in comparison to OPPO. Like Brother Redmi Poco also follows the same strategy to provide smartphones at a cheaper rate by making a low profit. While the price of OPPO smartphones is quite higher on the same level of features. Therefore, POCO is better than OPPO in terms of price.

Is the Poco brand of Oppo

Poco is a sub-brand of OPPO. While OPPO is an indepdndent brand. Poco is owned by Xiaomi while OPPO is a single independent brand. So, don't be confused about Poco and OPPO. Both are different brands, not forget about the Oppo and Poco Difference. 

Is Poco Best or Not

In a Short time, POCO Wins the heart of millions of Global smartphones users. Besides this, we can find the better quality of smartphones even at a lower price than other top smartphones brands. That's why We can say POCO is the best brand.

Is Poco Better than Redmi

Both Poco and Redmi are from Xiaomi. As both are sub-brands of Xiaomi. Although Redmi came into existence at 1st than POCO we can find the same level of features and quality of both brands. Rebranding the same phones on each other with different names proves that both are the best and better brands in the smartphones world.

Is Poco Better than Realme

Poco is a sub-brand of Xiaomi and Realme is a sub-brand of OPPO. Here both are sub-brand and doing well in providing better smartphones in the market. When we have to decide whether to go for Poco or Realme then I prefer to go with Realme. 

Although both brands provide smartphones in the same price range, the smartphones build-up and quality seems higher in Realme. 

Is Poco the Same as Redmi

Yes, both are sub-brand of Xiaomi. We can say it that both Poco and Redmi are the same and almost equal in features and price range.

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